Oakland pedestrian accident lawyers are an important link in the chain of obtaining justice. One of the major reasons why is the increasing price of medical bills–particularly for the sorts of accidents that occur to pedestrians.

Pedestrian sidewalks are meant to protect the users from a collision with moving vehicles. However, pedestrian accidents still happen, even though most pedestrians follow the law. Innocent pedestrians have had to deal with injuries caused by situations that weren’t their fault. It is essential for walkers who are victims of accidents to get compensation for medical bills, loss of income, temporary or permanent disability, pain, and suffering. A skillful Oakland pedestrian accident attorney can help you get the maximum compensation for your loved one who was a victim of a pedestrian accident. There are several causes of pedestrian accidents that commonly occur.

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What Are The Causes of Pedestrian Accidents In Oakland?


Drivers are the primary reason for pedestrian accidents in Oakland, CA. Some drivers lose control of their vehicles and drive onto the sidewalk. However, there are other situations where the insurance company refuses to pay, and you need a seasoned pedestrian accident lawyer to assist.

Driving under the influence is a common cause of accidents. Despite many advertising campaigns and easy access to rides home through ride-sharing apps, some drivers still operate under the influence of alcohol. The crashes are among the most brutal ones because the drivers hardly do anything to reduce the speed before hitting a pedestrian. Many victims of a drunk driver are usually using sidewalks or pedestrian crossings when the accident happens.

Drunk driving has serious consequences, including jail time or driver’s license revocation. Even more important for victims, drunk driving victims are entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income, pain, and suffering.

Another common cause of pedestrian accidents is speeding and ignoring traffic lights. A speeding driver has a tough time coming to a stop when they notice a pedestrian. People are often in a hurry to get to their next location and act irresponsibly. Drivers who drive recklessly tend to ignore traffic lights and collide with innocent pedestrians crossing the street. Also, some drivers do not slow down or look at whether there are pedestrians or oncoming traffic. Intersections have pedestrian crossings which give someone on foot the right of way when they step on it. The driver is always at fault for accidents that occur on pedestrian crossings.

Driver distraction is another reason for pedestrian accidents. There are so many electronic gadgets that can distract a driver, especially a phone. Texting, too, while driving is a big distraction. The few seconds that a driver takes to check a message or reply to a text is enough to make the driver go off the road. Most laws prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. Pedestrians who become injured due to driver distraction are entitled to compensation.

Traffic signal failures are known to cause significant traffic jams, but they also cause pedestrian accidents. Traffic lights act as a guide for pedestrians and drivers. There are times in the past where the state has paid for damages due to poor maintenance of traffic lights.


In some states, cyclists are forbidden to use the sidewalks. In some cities, though, they are allowed. Pedestrian accidents caused by bicycles are not usually fatal, but they can cause fractures or broken bones. Novices and distracted cyclists can easily collide with pedestrians who are unaware of oncoming traffic.


Pets, especially dogs, can cause accidents to pedestrians. Some dog owners are unable to control their dogs, leading to situations that cause accidents. Dogs might, for instance, jump on pedestrians, making them fall–or chase a pedestrian–causing them to fall. The duty of training a dog is solely the responsibility of the owner. Victims of dog attacks can sue the owners for medical bills and damages to property.

What to do after a pedestrian accident?

It is very reasonable for pedestrians to be in shock immediately after an accident. However, it is essential to do a few things that will serve as evidence; the first thing to note is to never run after a hit and run driver. The first step is to call the police and give a statement. If you are injured, you need to seek medical help immediately. You can take pictures of the surroundings and the scene of an accident. It’s essential to take photos of witnesses since they have seen vital details that can help with your case.

It’s advisable to seek medical attention after an accident even if you feel okay. Sometimes victims suffer internal injuries that later become complicated if they don’t go for a checkup. You need to disclose everything you have to your lawyer, so you get appropriate advice. You can ask the witnesses for any details that can help you track the driver. Check for any buildings with cameras and request for their footage to see if you can get a license number.

Oakland, CA, has a “yellow alert” system that allows police in different states to share information about drivers who flee from the scene of accidents. Pursuing every lead is important in getting the driver’s insurance and license information, which are useful for an insurance claim.

Why do you need an Oakland pedestrian accident lawyer?

Oakland, CA, is among the cities with high pedestrian accidents. A study done on the collisions for the year 2014 found a total of 7,000 accidents. More in-depth analyses revealed that 4,000 of the accidents were hit and runs, some of which were fatal. Pedestrian accident lawyers from Quirk Reed, LLP, have experience working on cases for accident victims. The lawyers aggressively pursue your case to ensure that the reckless driver justice faces and the victim gets compensation.

Hit-and-run accidents are tricky to get insurance compensation as a pedestrian, especially those that lack personal injury coverage. Lawyers from Quirk Reed, LLP will assist you in getting through the traumatic time and getting maximum compensation for your suffering. Reputable law firms have connections with investigators who can follow up on the hit-and-run driver. Contact Quirk Reed, LLP for a free consultation regarding your case or the case of a loved one.