When you lose a loved one due to another person’s actions, life feels very challenging afterward. As Oakland wrongful death attorneys in Oakland, CA, we’re here to help you overcome the devastating effects of these circumstances. Understandably, financial restitution will never replace your loved one, nor will it bring them back. However, it is a way to bring justice and to soften the blow of a reduced household income or the need to stop work when depression sets in.

At Quirk Reed, LLP we pursue wrongful death claims on the behalf of our clients throughout the Oakland area. Each case is handled with the utmost sensitivity and we do all we can to support our clients throughout this challenging time. If you’re looking for Oakland wrongful death lawyers who deliver an empathetic service, we can help.

What Is Considered Wrongful Death Malpractice?

Death is something that occurs every day around the world. In many cases, it isn’t a wrongful event; it’s a natural passing that people have had time to prepare for. In contrast, wrongful death feels cruel and life-altering. When death is wrongful, it arises as a result of:

  • Negligence
  • A willful act
  • Omission of duty
  • A reckless fault
  • A reckless action

As one of the toughest areas of law to navigate, wrongful death can be hard to prove. As highly-skilled lawyers with years of practice in this field, we’ll fiercely help you fight your case.

Examples of the types of cases a wrongful death lawyer may take on

It sometimes helps to understand the types of cases wrongful death attorneys deal with. One of the most common is a car crash. Although some car crashes are no-fault, many happen because someone else was negligent. The driver may have been under the influence, driving recklessly, or looking at their phone. If they were failing to give their driving the attention it required and someone died as a result, the death is wrongful.

Other examples of wrongful death cases include:

Medical malpractice

Most physicians throughout California perform an upstanding service each day. A small number practice in a way where a wrongful death may occur. Shockingly, around 250,000 people die each year as a result of medical negligence. Sometimes this is due to negligence on the clinician’s part, on other occasions, it’s due to the hospital cutting corners. In either case, wrongful death arising from medical malpractice feels devastating. From misdiagnosis and delayed treatment to surgical errors and erroneous treatment, you’re justified in seeking retribution. As wrongful death attorneys, we can help you secure it.

Defective products

Most people rely on products to maintain their safety every day. Some examples include child car seats, smoke alarms, and tools with safety devices. When those products are defective and in the hands of consumers, wrongful death is an event waiting to happen. If our team can establish that a product defect has resulted in a fatality, we’ll fight your case with the tenacity to secure the desired result.

Workplace accidents

All employers have a duty to keep their employees safe. When they fail to meet that duty as a result of carelessness or cutting corners, wrongful death can occur almost anywhere. Common examples of this include not performing risk assessments, failing to maintain industry standards for safe practices, and knowingly allowing workers to operate in unsafe conditions. In 2017, there were more than 14 workplace deaths every day.

Accidents in the public domain

As a member of the public, you deserve to enter places such as restaurants, theme parks, and pools without fearing for your life. Most people trust that they won’t come to any harm but business owner errors sometimes prevent this from being the case. For example, if a restaurant owner fails to highlight allergens and anaphylaxis occurs, they’re at fault.

The effects of a wrongful death

When a person dies as a result of someone else’s actions, they’re no longer affected. Those they leave behind, however, are.

The effects of wrongful death are far-reaching and difficult to cope with. If your spouse dies and they were the household’s primary source of income, living without their contributions becomes life-altering. Similarly, the loss of a parent can have a negative effect on a child’s emotional wellbeing, especially when they lose their primary caregiver.

For many people, the sudden loss of someone they love results in severe depression and anxiety. As medical conditions that are to be taken seriously, they may affect your ability to work and enjoy your usual hobbies. Some people lack the motivation to the extent that they can no longer exercise, resulting in further ill health.

At Quirk Reed LLP, we know that no amount of money will replace the person you love. What it can do is make your life without them that little bit easier. You can supplement a loss of income, seek therapy, and find additional help for your children. With financial restitution, you’re gaining justice after someone takes something precious and irreplaceable from you.


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Using An Oakland Wrongful Death Lawyer

Many of the results of wrongful death are difficult to quantify. Although you can measure the loss of income from the person you love, demonstrating your own losses is tough. When you add your heightened emotions to the mix, it becomes even tougher.

As wrongful death lawyers, we’re here to weather the legal storm for you. We’ll establish causality, identify the losses that you have suffered, and fight for the financial restitution you deserve. By helping you secure financial compensation, we make sure you can look forward to a stable future as you recover from this difficult time.

In the State of California, we can recover economic and non-economic damages. While economic damages are obvious, non-economic are less so. However, they can include the loss of emotional support from a spouse, the loss of a parent while raising a child, and a loss of the memories you would have created.

If you’ve recently suffered the death of a loved one and you believe it was wrongful, come to us. Call (888) 858-1925 to speak to one of our Oakland wrongful death lawyers.

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