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Truck Accident Statistics In Oakland

Semi-trucks carry all kinds of goods across our roads, traveling endless miles to deliver the necessities we all depend on. Like any business, the owners often push their drivers beyond the limits of the law to get more done in a shorter time. Although new legislation is meant to address some of the common causes of truck accidents, their numbers continue to rise. The statistics related to large commercial crashes is nothing short of terrifying.

  • There are almost 12.5 million commercial large trucks and buses on the country’s highways.
  • These trucks log more than 300 billion miles combined. The actual number of miles they travel is unknown since many trucking companies keep two sets of logbooks.
  • In 2017, 13.2% of all fatal crashes on the nation’s roads involved at least one large truck or bus.
  • In 2017, there were a total of about 450,000 crashes involving large trucks on the country’s highways. There were also 344,000 involving injuries.
  • 72% of people killed in crashes involving large trucks during 2017 were occupants of other vehicles.
  • California is among the Top 10 States for large truck and bus fatalities from 2015 until 2017.

If you lost a loved one in a truck accident, a semi-truck accident lawyer from Quirk Reed can help you get the recovery you need to heal from your loss. Nothing can bring back your loved one. But getting the recovery you deserve can help you with the financial void the loss of your loved one left behind. Whether you are struggling financially due to the loss of your loved one, or you want justice for their loss, an Oakland truck accident lawyer at Quirk Reed can help.


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Types of Truck Accidents In Oakland

It’s easy to see from appearance alone that a semi-truck is larger and heavier than a standard passenger vehicle. In addition to its base weight, many of these trucks are carrying tons of freight in the trailers. The additional weight makes it take longer to stop. If it isn’t loaded correctly, it can also cause the truck to get unbalanced. The impact of a large commercial truck in a crash with a passenger vehicle is much more severe. Depending on the circumstances, any of the following types of truck accidents might occur:

  • Rear-end collisions where a vehicle cuts the truck off or the truck fails to slow down while the vehicle is stopped in traffic.
  • Jackknife accident in which the driver loses control of the truck, and it folds in on itself into a “V” shape at the point where the cab connects to the trailer.
  • Rollovers in which the semi loses balance and rolls over.
  • Underride accidents in which a vehicle slides underneath the back of a large truck, often resulting in catastrophic injuries.
  • Override accidents in which a truck runs over a smaller vehicle.
  • Head-on in which the commercial truck and another vehicle hit head-on with the impact from the speed of both vehicles.
  • Brake failure, often due to poor or inadequate maintenance of the truck or from defective parts.
  • T-bone trucking accidents are those where the truck hits the side of the other vehicle. These accidents often result in the worst injuries due to the weight and size differential between the two vehicles.
  • Defective truck equipment such as tires that aren’t up to code.

What Are The Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents?


Fatigue is the most common cause of truck accidents. Many drivers are overworked, driving over long distances and failing to get the rest they need to stay alert. Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) dictates how many hours or miles a driver can spend behind the while without getting rest, many push their drivers to deliver goods to destinations in short periods of driving time. Too many hours behind the wheel results in a loss of coordination, reaction time, and coordination. Sometimes they fall asleep at the wheel.

When you’re the victim of driver fatigue, you need an experienced truck accident lawyer to prove liability and get compensation for your injuries. Your Oakland truck accident lawyer will almost always include the truck driver in the case. But the truck company owner or manager might also be liable to some degree.

Driving Under the Influence

Causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is another case where charging the driver seems obvious. Again, the trucking company or manager might share the liability for their hiring practices or failing to implement a drug-testing program.

Poor Driver Training

Some trucking companies push new drivers through minimal training before allowing them to drive huge commercial trucks on our roads and highways. They turn drivers with no experience and little training lose on the roads and put your life at risk. In these cases where an accident happens and causes serious injuries or death, the company owner probably has the greatest liability. Your semi-truck accident attorney can help you understand who is liable and who to include in your lawsuit.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Sometimes truck companies cut corners by purchasing low-quality parts or failing to keep their vehicles maintained. For example, allowing the tread on the tires to get below the recommended level could cause a blowout. Truck companies and private truck owners must keep their trucks in top driving condition before allowing them on the road.

The only thing more dangerous than a poorly trained driver or a poorly maintained truck is combining the two. It also increases the liability of the truck driver whenever these poor choices result in a severe or fatal crash.


One way that truck drivers try to reach their destinations quickly is by driving continuously without a break. Another is speeding. When other factors such as inclement weather slow them down, they might try to make up for the lost time by speeding. This reduces the control they have over their trucks and increases the force on impact when a crash happens.

Distracted Drivers

Bored truck drivers are always looking for something to keep them occupied. They might change the radio station, read and reply to text messages, or make calls on their cell phone. Any source of distraction takes their eyes and their focus off the road, increasing the risk of accidents. It only takes an instant for an accident to happen.


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