There’s no telling when a life-changing event, like a personal injury, will occur. Perhaps you trip while walking through a grocery store in Berkeley, CA, or maybe a friend’s dog gives you a severe bite. Whenever an issue occurs, you’ll need a Berkeley personal injury lawyer to help you receive compensation for your damages.

An injury due to someone’s negligence can alter your life in ways you never imagined. When you need lawyers for a personal injury, turn to Quirk Reed, LLP. Our personal injury law firm in Oakland, CA has a deep understanding of the life changes our clients endure, which is why we fiercely fight for our client’s rights against negligent parties.


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Legal Services Offered By Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Berkeley, CA

At Quirk Reed, we understand that anyone who suffers a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence can end up with high medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain, and emotional and mental distress. With a Berkeley personal injury attorney by your side, you can be confident we will use our years of legal experience to help you recover damages.

Our legal team has almost ten years of experience practicing personal injury law and representing clients with the following accident claims:


Car Accident Lawyer in Berkeley, CA

Car accidents occur every day, but successful claims require clients to undergo specific steps. At Quirk Reed, we know how to work with insurance agencies to ensure our clients receive a fair settlement.


Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Berkeley

If you sustained injuries due to the actions of another driver, you could file a claim with a personal injury lawyer in Berkeley.


Truck Accident Lawyer Berkeley

Commercial truck driving involves long drives, oversized vehicles, and less-than-ideal driving conditions. If you drive a commercial truck, you can file a personal injury lawsuit if a collision causes you injury.


Berkeley Uber Accident Lawyer

Laws governing Uber-related injuries are still relatively new, but we can explain your rights.


Lyft Accidents Lawyer in Berkeley, CA

Insurance companies often take advantage of rideshare liability laws because they are still in their early stages. You’ll need the assistance of the best personal injury attorney who understands these laws and will fight to protect your rights.


Dog Bite Lawyer in Berkeley

Dogs are one of the most common pets in the country, but not all are friendly. Encounters with unfriendly canines can lead to mauling, severe bleeding, infections, or worse. If you or a loved one gets severely hurt from a dog, a Berkeley personal injury lawyer from Quirk Reed can help you prove the dog owner’s negligence.


Wrongful Death Lawyer Berkeley

Dealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one can be traumatic. If their death was due to another person’s negligence, you might have grounds to file a wrongful death claim.


Berkeley Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries can produce life-long effects. Quirk Reed can help you pursue damages to recover financial damages and injury-related losses.


Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Berkeley, CA

Negligence from nursing home staff can be devastating for patients. If you suspect a loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer for personal injury.


Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Berkeley

Our law firm receives a fair amount of claims from people with injuries due to bicycle crashes. We proudly represent injured cyclists who need help obtaining compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.


Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Berkeley

As a pedestrian, getting hit by a machine that weighs a ton could lead to extensive injuries. Taking care of your physical and mental health after a pedestrian accident is vital to your improvement, so allow Quirk Reed to fight for your compensation.


Berkeley Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer

Electric scooters are popping up around Berkeley to give people a way to travel the city in a fun, convenient way. However, scooter operators often collide with pedestrians, vehicles, and other scooters, resulting in severe injuries like internal bleeding and extensive lacerations.


Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Berkeley, CA

People often file slip and fall claims after falling due to neglected property maintenance. Whether you get hurt from a wet floor or unleveled flooring, you can consult with Quirk Reed to discuss your case.


Paralysis Injuries Lawyer in Berkeley

Experiencing a paralyzing injury can result in mental, emotional, and physical anguish. Allow the experienced personal injury attorneys from Quirk Reed to advocate for compensation on your behalf.


Why Should I Partner With Personal Injury Attorneys in Berkeley?

When someone’s negligence causes you injury, you may wonder if it’s worth it to seek compensation with the help of a Berkeley personal injury lawyer from Quirk Reed. The short answer is yes.

The trauma from your accident and fighting with insurance companies can produce overwhelming stress. The best personal injury lawyer knows how to be professional and stay on track. While you rest and heal, we will file your personal injury claim on your behalf.

We have years of experience practicing personal injury law, so we are well-versed in it. Our intricate knowledge and real-world experiences allow us to make better negotiations and produce higher settlements for our clients. If the case goes to trial, we will represent you well with our courtroom experience.


What To Look For in a Personal Injury Lawyer

When searching for a personal injury lawyer in Berkeley, CA, it’s best to work with a law firm that prides itself on professionalism and availability to its clients. Not only should attorneys be available to assist with their clients at all times, but their support staff should have experience and provide you with updates to your cases.

You’ll likely have many questions about your personal injury lawsuit, and your lawyer should be happy and accessible to answer them. The attorney’s responsibility is to guide you through the claims process and remain compassionate about your situation.


Hire Trusted Lawyers for Personal Injury Cases in Berkeley, CA – Quirk Reed LLP

At Quirk Reed, we have seen firsthand how an unfortunate accident can adversely affect people and their families. Our team proudly uses our courtroom skills, resources, professionalism, and legal knowledge to help our clients recover damages due to negligence.

If you have an injury because of someone else’s negligence, don’t hesitate to contact Quirk Reed. Our prestigious law firm’s Berkeley personal injury lawyer will aggressively protect your rights and pursue compensation from negligent parties. Call us today to request a free quote.

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